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    John Wick 3 ganha novo pôster e título oficial

    It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. So easy to find shows to follow. Six stars for Chromecast support. Oferecemos também artigos, críticas, e outros podcasts em nosso portal! Projeto para discutir, criticar e divulgar os trabalhos de mulheres no cinema. Podcast sobre cinema e séries de TV. Cinema, séries de TV e Cultura Pop! Podcast, HQ, Cinema, Games.

    Nós Brigamos no War. Mesmo assim, ainda têm muito para discutir sobre tudo o que der na telha.

    Além, é claro, de tentar incessantemente aprimorar o gosto cultural um do outro. As unbelievable as it might sound but Chapter 3 was even better than Chapter 2.

    The one thing that has faded however is the story. Chapter 1 had the fullest plot with Wick seeking revenge for the desecration of the memory of his dead wife. The story was thin at best in that chapter, but made up for it with some amazing action. I have never heard as many oohs and ahhs in a movie theater as I did opening night of John Wick Chapter 3.

    The director took the action to an unbelievable level. The theme of this chapter is consequences. Again, like Chapter 2 things begin where the last movie ended.

    Wick has been excommunicated by the assassins for breaking the rules and was given a one hour reprieve by the head of the New York Continental, Winston played by Ian McShane. He must find a way out with a whole city after him. That chase scene that goes through various locations had some of the most incredible fight scenes put to film. The choreography and just ingenious methods they employed will blow your mind. Wick then goes to various countries and locations searching for a way to escape the consequences of his actions in Chapter 2.

    Of special note is Mark Dacascos as Zero hired to kill Wick. He added new dimensions to the classic villain with the hilarious lines and situations they put him in.

    Amazingly there is even less of a story to this chapter than the previous one and yet it was actually better.


    As the movie opens, Wick is on his way to the New York Public Library to retrieve a couple of high value items that he hid in a book. At the stroke of 6 pm, the bounty hunt is declared open, and immediately attracts the attention of bounty hunters.

    An Asian gang is the first to track Wick down At this point we are 10 min. Couple of comments: when you have a franchise on your hand following the unexpected mega-success of the first "John Wick", why mess with a winning formula? So not surprisingly director and former stunt man himself Chad Stahelski returns to bring us the third installment of the highly stylish, ultra-violent, and meticulously choreographed franchise.

    More is more, except when it comes to words, where less is more: "What do you need? Keanu Reeves could play Wick in his sleep probably. He certainly seems to be enjoying himself.


    Halle Berry's character has a min. Anjelica Houston has an even smaller role, conducting ballet practices as danger comes her way and only reinforcing the point that these fights are just like ballet. Laurence Fishburne makes a token appearance maybe 5 min. But none of this really matters.

    John Wick 3: Parabellum recebe novo pôster que reúne personagens

    It's all abut John Wick doing what John Wick does best: hunting and fighting. The Saturday early evening screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati was sold out down to the very last seat, and the audience seemed to love the movie, laughing and hollering at all the right moments. Yes, I said laughing. You cannot take the movie at face value, nor was that the intent. Some of the scenes are so over the top, you can't help but laugh while bodies are flying left and right.


    The original movie had a plot that kept the movie rolling forward through the action scenes. The second movie's plot was as good, but it compensated by exploring the universe created in the first movie.